Chamonix - 1/18 - Ian Dryg

Chamonix - January 2018

  • Chamonix Pow!

    The first day, we arrived in the afternoon and got a quick tour in under Brevent. There was actually really nice powder left from the recent storms!

  • A good day in Chamonix.

    After the tour we skied back to our house, through streets and backyards and little trails.

  • Waiting for the Aiguille du Midi...

    The next few days, it rained below 2000m. We skied groomers at Les Houches and planned out our next better-weather days. We wanted to do a climb near the Aiguille du Midi, but that lift never opened the whole time we were there due to high winds and icy everything.

  • L'Aiguille du Midi

    The next morning, we waited for a never-opening Midi again. Here it is in all its glory. It's pretty amazing that you can take a gondola up from 3000ft to 12000 ft to a massive structure built on a gnarly peak near Mont Blanc. We'll be back someday to get up there!

  • Fun in the sun at Flegere!

    We finally got some good weather! Sadly the Midi still didn't open due to wind and ice up top. Instead, we took the Flegere lifts as high as they'd go, and then toured higher for some fun runs, including a couloir.