Volcano Season Part 2: Mount St. Helens

On April 29th, we skied our second PNW volcano of 2017: Mount St. Helens. We camped out in the trailhead parking lot along with the rest of the PNW, it seemed. Still, it was a beautifully clear night with a great view of the stars. We left just before sunrise and started the trek up the frozen solid slope. It started out amazingly clear, but got more and more cloudy throughout the day. We summited around 10:30am and were rewarded with great views of Hood, Adams, and Rainier - yes! We hung out on top for about 30 mins before skiing down. We were hoping it would soften up with the sun, but those dang clouds had to come in and block it. We ended up starting our descent even though it was still kinda icy out - but we actually found some windblown powdery snow more to skier's left. And then, it actually did soften up! We got our first great corn skiing of 2017 in April. Couldn't have asked for a better Helens experience, stoked to check another one off the list!