Pickets Day 4: Camping at Luna Col with sunset on Luna Peak - Ian Dryg

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Day 4 Summary:

to do!

  • Making our way up from Luna Lake to Luna Col. Here you can see a good view of the terrain we went down dropping into the Luna Cirque the day before.

  • Mount Fury.

  • Found a balloon in the rocks! Must have floated up here from somewhere.

  • Getting close to the Luna Col... Luna Peak rising up above us.

  • Made it to Luna Col! One of the best views from cap ever! Photo by Kristian

  • Dropped our tent and most of our supplies and took a day trip up to Luna Peak. On the way up the views started to get unreal. There's the Southern Pickets in the background!

  • Mountains on mountains. Northern Pickets in the foreground: Ghost Peak and Crooked Thumb. In the background, Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan.

  • Northern Pickets at sunset, Baker and Shuksan in the background.

  • Fury.

  • Blown away by the epic sunset! Photo by Kristian

  • More mountains on mountains!

  • North and South Pickets. What an epic view!!

  • Peak of the trip with a great partner!

  • Nearing the end of an unreal sunset. Hazy layers from wildfires blocked out the sun a good bit - forming a perfect glowing red orb.

  • Shuksan.

  • Baker.

  • As the sun descended over the Challenger Arm, it started revealing itself from behind the hazy clouds - the way it lit up those layers of clouds blew my mind. One of the best sunsets of my life.

  • Boom! The sun finally came out from behind the haze.

Tuesday, August 29 – “Day 4”

Ian's Trip Log - Tuesday, August 29 - "Day 4"

Today wasn’t so bad! It was more or less a rest day, but we did climb from Luna Lake to Luna Col to camp there. It was 2 ish miles with 3k ft of gain? Still some solid work. We got caught climbing some cliffs early on… I wanted to find the right route which was less steep, but not visible (around a ridge). Kristian wanted to check higher… and higher… until it was too late. We found a ledge and put on harnesses and I led up the rock, made an anchor on a solid bush, then belayed Kristian up while he hauled up the packs. It was silly we did that, but actually kind of fun to use the trad gear we brought and build a backcountry anchor system. We made it up to Luna Col around 3pm (slept in til 8:30 and left camp at Luna Lake about 10am). We relaxed for a bit, then unpacked the tent, left a lot of gear in the tent, and did a day pack to Luna Peak – saw an amazing sunset there! Came back and ate dinner, now we’re going to bed. Tomorrow we’ll try to get to Big Beaver Trail… It’s a big descent, but if we make it there we’ll be in good shape to get out on Friday (when most food runs out).

Food: 4/9 Mountain House meals, 1/5 granola bars, 2/5 trail mix bags (I’m so sick of trail mix!!!), 3/7 oatmeals, 1/2 banana chips, apricots, cranberries, most: choco espresso beans, none: jerky. REST DAY!

Topo: Luna Cirque